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Annola M. Charity

            Annola is a delightful, charming  and talented speaker. Her talks are informative, fun and really speaks to the heart and spirit of her audiences. She is knowledgeable of her topics and is able to convey that information in a way that is uplifting and meaningful. Her own life experiences and her talent for teaching, allows her to bring her best self to each presentation. She has presented to many civic organizations, church groups, produced workshops, designed play-shops and hosted retreats and seminars.

            Annola grew up in Lawrence Kansas, a small mid-west University town. She attended Kansas University as an art major, spent some time in the Air Force, and has raised two children.

Her own life/ spiritual journey has presented her with the opportunity to study and learn about how life presents itself and how we can learn to live it. It is her desire to share this information with others.

Louise Hay’s Body Mind Training1996 San Diego CA

Licensed and certified to teach the ‘Heal Your Life’ workshops.

       “You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise L. Hay teaches that our thoughts and feelings have an effect on our bodies. She developed affirmations and other techniques to help people heal lives and body.

La Ho Chi Spiritual Energy Healing 1994  Kansas City

            This is a hands-on healing modality much like Reiki. It assists a person in realigning their spiritual energy for physical and emotional health

Inner-Counselor  1991-2, Holos University – Oskaloosa KS

      This is a form of counseling that effectively leads a person through emotion recollections of their life. It is my job not to judge, criticize, or offer solutions, but to be a witness and support in the release of their painful memories and the creation of a positive emotion.

 Transformation Coach –2002-Present

     Helping people to create their best life is my life promise. It is a joy and a passion. By using the above trainings and continuing to study, I have become an effective life transformation coach.

Science of Mind  Study group 1994-1997, 2001-2004 Lawrence KS

       I have started and lead study groups based on the teaching of “Science of Mind”, by Dr. Ernest Holmes. This teaching empowers people to create their own lives.


Here is a list of some of her current topics.

Heal Your Life-  the workshops as designed by Louise L. Hay.

 Live Your Optimum Life – Learn techniques that will your life to it next best level of living!

The Powers of Living – Explore the powers of Joy, Faith, Peace, Love and Forgiveness.

Total Health, – Explore the key areas for living a heath filled life.

Yes I Can! -Discover your Inner Power!

If you are interested in my stories, or inspirational art work, storytelling or Inspirational speaking booking, contact me for a  current PDF brochure.


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  1. Hello everyone! Today is the beginning of a new chapter of my life. I am so excited about my soon to be released books that I wanted to update this site. I am working on three important pieces right now. The first one is the new revision of “I’m a Little Light” children’s picture book. I have added a few pages and did a slight redesign. Next Is a new gift book called ‘I Love You SO Much’. It is a small book I wrote for my grandkids. I have illustrated both of these and they are bi-lingual Spanish. The other big project is a book called ‘Getting to Heaven From Kansas’. It is a collection of short, micro-short and prose about finding that feeling of heaven that comes in many ways. I hope to have all three of these works ready by the end of September. In the meantime, keep checking in and I will try to post about interesting things that are happening as we navigate this journey called life.

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